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10/10 parents agree

With myWhānauFamily Calendar Assistant parents agree they feel less stressed, have more peace of mind and more time for themselves and their family!

Before myWhānau:

“As a mother it really impacts your stress levels to stay on top of so much different information from multiple different schools”

After myWhānau:

“I love having all the information I need from schools and clubs in one place. It reduced the amount of time it takes to organise the family calendars and the fear of forgetting things too!”

Photo of Pam McPherson

Pam McPherrson

Parent of 2 at Pymble Ladies College & Knox Grammar School


Before myWhānau:

“There is just so much to think about when you’ve got two kids at two different schools”

After myWhānau:

“myWhānauputs it all in one place, So I can find everything at the touch of a button.”

Photo of Katrina Cowan

Katrina Cowan

Parent of 3 at Shore School & Wenona

Before myWhānau:

I have missed a kid’s activity; it was my daughter’s parent teacher interview…I just didn’t feel like a very good mum”

After myWhānau:

myWhānau has given me back control of my life. I have been able to save about 2-3 hours a week.”

Photo of Nikki

Parent of 2 at Newport Public School


“Every evening at 7pm I am grateful I have this service. Before myWhanau I would get endless emails from the 2 different schools my kids attend. It was a nightmare keeping on top of permission forms, camp lists... where was that email with the address for the school carnival? Now my diary is automatically updated with activities my kids do and at 7pm I get alerts on actions, notices that apply to my kids. The stress of staying on top of all this has been completely removed. Highly recommend it.”


Natasha Barfield
Parent of 2

“ I absolutely LOVE this app, it has changed my life! As a full time working mum of two rambunctious boys I need all the help I can get. Not only do I get help with managing the school stuff but the app reminds me about their sporting activities too. I know which field I'm to be at, what time I'm to be there and a map which tells me how to get there. Who wouldn't be happy about that!!”


Michelle Long
Parent of 2

“The calendar keeps me up to date with my work life, home life and my three children’s school, co-curricular and sport lives. During covid19 this was just as important as life revolved around zoom and team meetings, online learning and assessments dates, and after school online sport. Without this service, life would be chaotic and important school and work items would be missed.”


Nia Luxton
Parent of 3

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