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I Love My Kids - Not Their Diaries

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is the World's First Automated Family Calendar app.

Frustrated? Stressed? You are not alone

Trawling emails. Browsing school portals. Searching Websites. Checking Apps. Only to read and read some more. Manually filtering what’s relevant and tapping it to your calendar. Then trawling through emails again to find the missing detail.

When you are already busy, it’s frustrating trying to stay in control and be on top of your family’s schedules.

You deserve better

"myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is more like a virtual personal assistant for my family’s scheduling”

- Katrina Cowan

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You can cancel anytime and there are no lock-in contracts.

Hurry there are limited places available. 

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We Automate Your Family Calendar

myWhānau automatically creates entries for school events, parent tasks and any activities outside of school, sourcing them directly from emails, portals, apps and websites.

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See all the detail you need in one place

We add what to do, where to go and link the source of the original information. No more wasting your time trawling through emails or apps to find the missing detail. 

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Be on top of things by ticking off your parent task entries

We add parent tasks like book parent-teacher interviews or complete school camp forms, which can be ticked off once completed. 

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Parents say they 


Are More Organised


Are less frustrated


More in Control

2 in 3

Are more productive at work

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Hear What Others Say

“I have kids at multiple schools so receive a crazy amount of information every day from lots of sources and apps. With my Family Calendar Assistant, all of my kids' school/activity info links into my calendar daily. It is so much easier! thoroughly recommend this service - I really don't know how they provide this at such a low cost.”


Pam McPherson
Parent of 2

"Every evening at 7pm I am grateful I have this service. Before myWhānau I would get endless emails from the 2 different schools my kids attend. It was a nightmare keeping on top of permission forms, camp lists... where was that email with the address for the school carnival? Now my diary is automatically updated with activities my kids do and at 7pm I get alerts on actions, notices that apply to my kids. The stress of staying on top of all this has been completely removed. Highly recommend it.”


Natasha Barfield
Parent of 2

"I absolutely LOVE this app, it has changed my life! As a full time working mum of two rambunctious boys I need all the help I can get. Not only do I get help with managing the school stuff but the app reminds me about their sporting activities too. I know which field I'm to be at, what time I'm t be there and a map which tells me how to get there. Who wouldn't be happy about that!!"


Michelle Long
Parent of 2

" I have been able to save 3 hours a week and rather than spending that time managing my kid's calendars, I can actually spend that time with my kids".

Nikki Quail.
Parent of 2

"The favourite feature for me is the fact that I know myWhānau has my back, they are my backstop. myWhānau has given me back control of my life."






Katrina Cowan.
Parent of 3

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