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Save your school money and time on admin and help parents be better organised.

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Parents are anxious and frustrated coordinating their families

Currently, parents have to manually add entries into their calendar after reading emails, browsing portals and searching websites – mistakes happen, and information is missed

Verbatim from parents on how long it takes and how frustrating it is

“I would add it to my phone diary as often as this stuff is done on the run. At home I would file the email under the subject matter but that got more and more frustrating over the years... Different school departments choose different ways.”

Pam McPherson
Parent of 2

“I would put emails in folders and add red flag. But you could easily spend an hour a week doing that, if not more. I had 3 diff schools it was a shit show”

Katrina Cowan
Parent of 3

"I had a whiteboard at home so the kids and other carers have visibility and use phone calendar this was good but it was hard to maintain and keep"

Parent of 3

myWhānau is the first school app that automatically adds school events & school tasks into the parent's calendar

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Save Time & Costs for Your School

The School Calendar Assistant is free for schools and parents! And the better organised parents are, the less admin work is required by the school, saving your school money and time.

Easy to Use & No Extra Work

Our app automatically creates all the calendar entries for the parents. That means no extra work, no extra admin and no training required. Just be in contact like normal & myWhānau will take care of the rest.

Quick for Schools to Onboard

It's quick to set up. Easy to get the school started. You don’t need to integrate new software. Teachers can access the app for visibility of their year's calendar. Admin staff can see all years for complete visibility.

So how do we help your parents?

Parents have everything in one place

myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is the next generation school parent app that automatically sources information directly from school emails, portals and websites, adding them as entries into parent’s calendars.

Each parent sees entries relevant for their child/ren’s school years.

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Entries with all the detail Parents need

We include everything that the school communicates to parents, from newsletters to read, to forms to be completed, school events to attend and events to RSVP. We add what to do, where to go and links to the original information. 

School Graphics detail

You no longer need to send deadlines or reminders

Gone are the days of constantly reminding parents. myWhānau automatically creates deadlines and reminders, along with push notifications. Parents will be notified what they or their child needs to do on any given day. No more missed deadlines!

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Parents can tick off their school tasks

Task entries like “complete form” and “register to a particular school event”, can be marked by Parents as done when actioned. This tick is private to them and stored only on their device.

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The School Calendar Assistant is Private and Secure

restricted access

Restricted Access

Users are verified by schools and App is password protected.



We're committed to protecting personal information through our strict myWhānau Privacy Policy here



Entries are read-only with a quality assurance process, requiring review of all entries made in the App. Teachers and Admin staff have access to the app and visibility of all entries as required.

secured data

Secure Data

Our data is encrypted in a server that meets Australian Government’s highest data security certification. We use SSL encryption and two step verification.

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