A Revolutionary School Calendar Organiser

The myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is a secure service that automatically captures, organises and diarises school communications. Parents are better informed and organised, reducing the admin load for schools.

Busy parents are struggling to stay on top of school communications. Important information is missed.

Whether an excursion permission slip hasn’t been returned, payment for camp is outstanding, or parent-teacher interviews are forgotten, it creates stress for parents and extra work for teachers and the school office.

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With the myWhānau School Calendar Assistant, parents no longer need to stay across multiple communication channels and manually add school parent tasks and events to their phone’s calendar. And schools have confidence that parents won’t miss things, with information captured seamlessly. Families are able to see exactly what they or their child needs to do on any given day or week with a single tap.

Organised, informed parents means less work for schools

The myWhānau School Calendar Assistant automatically captures and aggregates information from school group emails, newsletters, websites, and portals and creates personalised calendar entries that include all the details parents need to be organised. 

More organised parents means schools no longer need to broadcast information across multiple channels.

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Schools say

“myWhānau School Calendar Assistant has made a huge difference to our school community. Our parents have said it has changed their lives by making it much easier for them to be organised.

“When parents are feeling organised and less stressed it makes it easier for us all.  Another huge plus for us - there is no cost for the school to use myWhānau and there is no content admin required either. myWhānau takes care of it all, even providing customer service for our parents. I highly recommend myWhānau School Calendar Assistant as I believe it has enormous benefits for parents, as well as the entire school community.”

- Sanjay Rama Principal Ponsonby Primary

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myWhānau School Calendar Assistant is an Accredited ICT Supplier with the Queensland Government 


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Saves schools time

School parent tasks like completing permission slips or registering for events are diarised with automatic deadlines and reminders, and parents can mark these tasks as complete once actioned.

With myWhānau, 91% of parents report feeling more organised, reducing schools’ admin workload.


Reduces parents’ mental load

Each calendar entry contains all the details parents need and links to forms, school portals and the original communication.

87% of parents report feeling less frustrated, with 78% saying they have more peace of mind when using myWhānau.

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Provides a daily summary each evening

Parents receive end-of-day push notifications summarising all new communications and the following day’s tasks and events. Posts are not lost in the news feed.

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No content entry required by schools

Our service automatically diarises calendar entries based on the communications sent from the school’s group emails, newsletter, portal news notification or calendar.  

Entries tailored to class or year

The calendar view can be personalised by class (primary) or year (secondary). Teachers have visibility of their class’ calendar. Class entries about special materials or uniforms required on certain days can be added, giving them confidence that students will arrive at class prepared. 

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Tailor by co-curricular activities too

The School Calendar Assistant can be personalised further for parents by adding their child/ren's co-curricular activities' tasks and events to their calendar.

Facilitates easier payments & absences

Within the app, parents can access a links page bespoke to each school needs. Links can include commonly accessed online forms, documents as well as links to payment portals, and to different areas in the portal.
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Seamless implementation

There’s no integration effort required. We offer hands-on customer support to schools and parents, making implementation and onboarding quick and easy. 

myWhānau offers sector-best privacy and security at no extra cost

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Restricted Access

The app is password protected and can only be accessed by approved users.



Family data is protected by our rigorous privacy policy. There is no advertising in the app and no data is sold. Privacy Policy here



We use SSL encryption and two step verification.

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Secure Data

Our data is secured in a server that meets Australian Government’s highest data security certification. 

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