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Most Principals find improving communication between teachers, parents and students challenging

Source 2020 Education report - the educator Australia 

Parents are frustrated too with the labour intensive, manual process of managing school communications and they frequently miss events or details. 

This creates significant 'parent noise' impacting teacher and office staff admin workload.


Verbatim from parents on how long it takes and how frustrating it is

myWhānau is the first Free school calendar app to reduce school admin workload and help parents be better organised 

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School Admin Burden is Reduced

Our service creates all the calendar entries automatically. This removes the administrative & data entry burden for school staff.  In fact,  school admin is reduce further with our automatic reminders, online forms and reduced 'parental noise' from better organised parents.

Parents are Better Organised

Our school calendar is the first school parent app where both school events and parent tasks are added to parent's calendar with the level of detail they need. Parents are more organised, more in control and more involved.

It is Free & Easy to Implement

There is no cost to both the school or the parents improving school inequality in access to resources. With no tech integration required onboarding for schools and parents is quick and easy.

 Parents say

91% (3)

They are now more organised


They are less frustrated and more in control


They have more peace of mind

1 in 4

They are now more productive at work

 myWhānau is free for schools & parents

We are proud to do our part in reducing resource inequality between schools. The School Calendar Assistant is funded by those parents who choose to subscribe to the Family Calendar Assistant app.

No data entry for schools

The team at myWhānau source information directly from school emails, portals and websites and add this information automatically into parent’s calendars. There is no data entry required from schools.

Reduces parent enquiries

We aggregate the multiple channels of school communication for parents by adding into the calendar information from emails, portals, websites and apps. Calendar entries include newsletters to read,  forms to completed, school events to attend and events to RSVP. We add what to do, where to go and importantly link the original information so parents have all the detail they need in one place.

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Reduces need for schools to chase parents

Gone are the days of constantly reminding parents. myWhānau enables online forms and automatically creates deadlines and reminders along with push notifications into the calendar. Parents are notified in the evening what they or their child needs to do tomorrow. Task entries like “complete form” and “register to a particular school event”, can be marked by parents as done when actioned. This tick is private to them and stored only on their device.


Reduces admin workload for teachers

Calendar entries are targeted by year or groups. So class specific entries like PE days, swimming days, class events, library day for example can be added to the calendar. Teachers can be more confident children will arrive to class with what they need to bring.

Target comms free

Improves parent involvement

myWhānau School Calendar Assistant syncs to Apple iCal and Google Calendar. Working parents can better juggle responsibilities with work and school commitments in one place. Events requiring parent volunteers can be add directly into the calendar at the right time empowering parents to be better involved.

Facilitates easier payments & absences

Within the app, parents can access a links page bespoke to each school needs. For example they can click through to payment page, registration, absence, the portal or the website.

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No IT integration required

Getting started is painless. We just need visibility to group emails and access to the portal, if applicable.

The School Calendar Assistant is Private and Secure

restricted access

Restricted Access

Users are verified by schools and App is password protected.



We're committed to protecting personal information through our strict myWhānau Privacy Policy here



Entries are read-only with a quality assurance process, requiring review of all entries made in the App. Teachers and Admin staff have access to the app and visibility of all entries as required.

secured data

Secure Data

Our data is encrypted in a server that meets Australian Government’s highest data security certification. We use SSL encryption and two step verification.

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