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PCSchool takes the complexity out of school management. Whether your school is large or small, standalone or with multiple campuses, it will strengthen and simplify the way you work.

“PCSchool’s partnership with myWhānau empowers schools and families to manage communication, events, and tasks from one trusted, secure platform,” 
“We know juggling the family calendar is a significant source of stress for many households. Now, families don’t have to worry about missing key moments in their child’s K-12 school journey.
“This partnership supports our aspiration to build relationships with customer-focused brands who share our vision to drive success for schools.”

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- Robert Radley Executive General Manger at Nelnet International

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Ponsonby Primary - Auckland NZ

myWhānau School Calendar Assistant has made a huge difference to our school community. Our parents have said it has changed their lives by making it much easier for them to be organised.

When parents are feeling organised and less stressed it makes it easier for us all.  Another huge plus for us - there is no cost for the school to use myWhānau and there is no content admin required either - myWhānau takes care of it all, even providing customer service for our parents. I highly recommend myWhānau School Calendar Assistant as I believe it has enormous benefits for parents, as well as the entire school community.

- Sanjay Rama Principal Ponsonby Primary

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