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Our Mission – to help fix one big problem

The statistics are alarming!

Parents and carers are struggling. The juggle between work and family responsibilities is causing 1 in 2 women, and 1 in 3 men, substantial stress. Balancing household chores & caring work is one of the most challenging issues facing 1 in 2 families.


The 2019 National Working Families Report

We know outsourcing household chores really helps. But right now it’s just too hard, too time-consuming to find the service, right person and too expensive for many parents.

That’s why I created myWhānau, with the sole mission to be the one place where parents can outsource any chore easily, quickly and cheaply. The aim is to get parents back 10 hours a week, feel a lot less stressed and help fix one very big problem.

Why did we start with family calendars?

I found myself juggling the diaries of three kids and a family, using every means possible – paper diaries, my phone calendar, emails, sticky notes and anything else I could lay my hands on. I realised that so much time was being wasted and I was still stressed. It was simply crazy. Why could everything not be in one place and linked together?

Managing the family’s diary is a hair pulling task that’s time consuming and stressful. It is a chore that shouldn’t take parents 2 hours a week. myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant rose out of this challenge.

It is the first and only automated family calendar app giving parents all the detail they need in one place. And the first app to add both parent tasks as well as events, into their calendar.

I am committed to make outsourcing chores easier, cheaper and quicker. 

I am proud to share with you our first product in our journey of getting parents back those precious 10 hours a week.

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We created a name with meaning

myWhānau takes inspiration from the unique Māori concept of whānau, pronounced "far-no". Its closest translation in English is extended family. But it means so much more than this. It is wonderfully inclusive and dynamic - like today's families.

At its heart, whānau is about a bond between whānau members united behind shared responsibilities, values or purpose.

Meet Michelle Forster

I am a proud Kiwi. And I am a proud Aussie. I founded Whānau Group in 2018 after living and breathing the challenges of a lack of time with managing three children and a corporate career. I’ve been burnt out. Stressed. Exhausted. And yes, most definitely the cranky one.

 So from my whānau to your whānau – we're here to have your back.

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