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Tip 1 : You can record completed tasks

To keep track on whether you have completed a task - add 'Done' into the location section of the event and then save. 

Tip 2 : Keep your forwarding up to date

To ensure your calendar is detailed, it is important to keep your email forwarding up to date and as comprehensive as possible. Remember you have control over what you want us to track.

Tip 3:  Send us any ad hoc emails that you want us to track

If you receive an ad hoc email, or paper copy that you want us to track,  take a photo and/or flick it over to us.   You also can cc us on any emails that you want us to track.
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What's Changed At Home?

My Child's Activities Have Changed

Your child is commencing a new or ending an activity, or have changed teams or sessions.
Notify us of Change of Activities

My Child/Children Have Changed Schools

Your child is changing schools next year, and their activities and schedules will also change.
Notify Us of Change of School

Our Account Details Have Changed

You  have a new address, email or you want to change the number of children tracked.
Notify Us of Change of Circumstance

I need help

Here are some common answers to questions:

I need to update my tracking

When you let us know of a change in activity, you may need to update your email forwarding. We have step by step instructions for Hotmail, Outlook and Gmail.  For any other email platforms, please contact us.

I need to load my calendar on a phone

If you have a new phone or want another family member or carer to have access to your calendar, here are the instructions for both loading on to Apple iPhone and any Android phone.

More FAQs

I don't want work to 'see' myWhānau's calendar?
As the myWhānau calendar is added as a separate account to your phone's calendar, it should not be visible to work.  For desktop visibility, we recommend accessing the calendar via Gmail. If unsure please check with your work.
How comprehensive can I make the tracking?
We can track all of your children's activities, assessments, any school newsletters or actions that you need to take for these.  For the standard or frequent events, we can set up auto forwarding from your email. For any ad hoc, please just forward these to us at care@mywhanau.com.au - no need to put a subject heading on it.
How do you track my child's school paper communications?
Just take a photo, and flick it to us at care@mywhanau.com.au. We can take it from there.  Please do check that the photo is legible.
Can I have access to my child's calendar as well as the aggregated calendar?
Of course you can. However we don't recommend this.  When you load your children's calendar onto your phone, the events are replicated which means you could get double the reminders.  As the aggregated calendar contains all events from every child - you shouldn't need to have separate access.
Can I suspend my account over the holidays?

As we find that schools and activities still communicate during the holidays, and we also use this time to ensure your myWhānau calendar is updated with next term's events, we do not allow subscriptions to be put on hold over the holidays.

If you have special circumstances like leaving the country for an extended period of time (ie over 6 months), then please contact us directly to discuss.

I see a ? in an event heading. What does this mean?
When you see a ? this means we think you may be interested in the event but we aren't sure.  If you are not interested, just delete it.  If you never want to receive items like this i.e. volunteering requests for the school or education session the school is holding for parents, let us know and we won't enter it in your calendar.
Why does my child's assessment spread over a time period?
Sometimes assessments are in class presentations and the school at the time of publishing does know the exact day. This may be communicated to the child directly by the teacher.  If you know this exact day - just flick it to us and we will update the calendar.
I want my carer to have access to myWhānau's calendar.
No sweat.  You can load the calendar on to your carer's phone just like you did on yours.  Instructions are above. For security please let us know their details (name, email address).
Can I change the reminders?
Sure thing.  So you are not overwhelmed during the day our default is for all day events at 7.30pm and not to set reminders for children's events during the day.  You can change this. Send an email to care@mywhanau.com.au with what you want.
When I click on a link a redirect page comes up. Why?
Yes it may.  Sometimes we cut out some clicks that you need to make so a redirect page may appear - It's fine - just click on the link and it will take you to the right webpage.
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel at any time by giving us 5 days notice. Your subscription will then terminate on your next payment date. Please notify us of your intention to cancel here.
What happens to my data when I cancel my subscription?

We agree to promptly return (where possible) or delete or destroy (where not possible to return) your confidential information, including any credentials.

You will need to cancel the email autoforwarding that has been set up.  We also recommend you change your credentials to any Third party platforms (eg portals) for extra security.

You get to keep the myWhānau calendar so you have visibility of any future events already entered. On termination, we will remove our telephone number from the two step verification process for the calendar. 


How do you protect my privacy?

Please read our privacy policy here. You may also refer to the services and confidentiality contract here.

How do I get my family to take more ownership?
If you asked "when is the event on", tell them "it is in your calendar". Repeat until the asking stops :)
An event is missing or seems to be incorrect. What do I do?

Let us know as soon as you can by contacting us here. It may be that we didn't get the email - and we need to update the auto-forwarding or we have made an error in not seeing an update or just made an error.

We get the consequences so we have a comprehensive review process to ensure the root cause is clarified and fixed.

I don't want to receive the next week's summary anymore.
Ok.  You have two options you can either press unsubscribe at the base of the next week's summary or send us a quick email.  Whatever is easier for you.
I have something sensitive that I don't want tracked

We can build in exclusions into the auto-forwarding and we will discuss this with you at the set-up meeting. If you are sending an email to school that you don't want us to see the response just add personal in the subject heading and we won't get it. Or if is regarding a support plan we can also exclude for that.

If we are sent an email that we believe contains highly sensitive information, we will let you know that this email has not been read, or entered in the calendar and been deleted immediately from our end. If you have new exclusions please let us know and we will help you add these to your auto-forwarding rules.

I've lost or forgotten my password to myWhānau calendar
Annoying for you - but all good just give us a call.

If an answer to your question isn't here, please contact us

You can call us on 1800 717 690, email us at care@mywhanau.com.au, or complete the form below with your question.
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