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How To Use Your Calendar Assistant 

Please follow instructions for the Calendar Assistant you have

The School Calendar Assistant is our School App and is only available via your School. It is a read only calendar that contains common school, year or class entries. 

The Family Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary family calendar app that streamlines and automates your family calendar. It captures and diarises all your family's school(s), extracurricular and any life admin communications.

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How to navigate the main calendar

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant



How to log in and change my password?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

In your welcome email, you will receive your user name and password as well as a link to download the app. Turn on remember me on your sign in page.

If you forget your password, tap Forgot Password? on your sign in page.  Enter your email and then tap Reset Password. Sometimes your password reset email might go to spam so please check there. 

Your new password must contain 8 characters, at least one uppercase letter, at least one lowercase letter and at least one number.

You are also able to reset your password within the app. Go to Menu > Settings > Account Details > Account Password

Any troubles please email us at

Family Calendar Assistant Only

If your child forgets their password. Please email us directly at or via the app; Go to Menu > Add an entry > Contact us and the tap your request into the email.

If you would like to change your child's password (and you know the old one) go to Menu > My FamilyTap on the Child > Account Password and then enter the old password and your new password.

If your child forgets their username. In the app go to Menu > My Family > Tap on the Child and you will see their username under the colour options.

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How do I customise my family members or school years?

School Calendar Assistant 

You can change the colour of your school year. Go to Menu > My Schools > Tap on the year you want to change > Select the colour.

Family Calendar Assistant 

In the Family Calendar, you can upload a photo and choose a colour for each of your children. Go to Menu > My Family > Select Family member > Change colour and upload photo.

myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Customise

How do I quickly skip ahead in time?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

When you open the calendar for the first time, you’ll open up to the schedule view. To move ahead to a date in the future. Tap on the down triangle next to the month. Swipe left to get to the month you want and tap on the day. If you see colour dots under that day that tells you there is an entry there. To get back to today tap the box at the top right with the green dash.

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How do I see a summary and tick off my tasks?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

Click on the top right hand box to see a summary of all your to dos. This is your task view. If your ‘to do' entry is done, you can tick it off in either the schedule view, or in the entry itself. Marking done will remove future deadlines and reminder entries from the main calendar view. It will remain in the task view to remind you that you have done it.

Family Calendar Assistant Only

All other family members associated with that entry will see when the task has marked as done eliminating risk of doubling up.

myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Tasks

How do I request changes to my entries, plan or activities?

School Calendar Assistant - participating schools only

If your school enables your School Calendar Assistant app to filter by your co-curricular activities and you want to change yours, go to Menu > Links > tap on change my co-curricular activities form.

Family Calendar Assistant Only

In the Menu > Add an entry and then Contact us. Your email will pop up making it easy for you to send us what you would like added. If an email doesn't pop up this is because you may have not set a default email for your phone. To fix this in your iPhone go to Settings > Mail > then at the bottom tap Default Account > and select the one you want. 

Near the end of each school holidays we will remind you to let us know of any extra or co-curricular changes so your calendar is always clean and updated for you and your family.


myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Request

Can I edit entries and assign to my family’s calendar?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

Information within the entry can be edited, from the time and date, to the description, and where its located. Entries can also be assigned to children so it shows in their calendar too. To edit an entry tap the box with a pen on an angle next to the 3 dots on the right within the entry you want to change. You can them make the changes. To assign to a new family member the box to the right of the photo or initial. For new entries or major changes – let us do it for you! Tap on account request in your app.

TIP : If you need to know who is doing pick up and drop off, assign the parent from within the entry and their photo of initials will appear under the entry.

myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Edit

Can I delete entries?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

Yes. Within the entry click on the 3 dots on the right hand side. If there is an associated entry linked to the one you want to delete than a pop up will appear asking you to delete the associated entry first. At the bottom of the end tap on the associated entry - delete that and then you can delete the original.

TIP : If you are deleting an entry that is part of a recurring entry it will ask you whether you want to delete this entry or all. Be careful to tap this entry only.

If you have the School Calendar Assistant you can not delete any entries.

How do I sync to my Apple phone calendar?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

Once you have synced you can click on the link in any entry in your phone calendar on your mobile and it will open up the myWhānau app in the right entry for all the detail.

To Sync to Apple iCalendar:

Before you sync, please in your iPhone tap Settings and then Calendar. Tap Fetch New Data (this is at the bottom). Then Select every 15 mins.

Then in the myWhānau app to go Menu > Settings > Add To Phone Calendar. Tap Add to iCal. Please be patient and wait 10-20 secs or so for the pop up Add Calendar Subscription to appear. Tap OK then approx. 10secs later a "The Calendar has been added" will appear and you can select either view or done.

Apple sync lined

How do I sync to my Google Calendar app?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

There are a few more steps to sync to Google Calendar as Google insists that you sync via your desktop calendar, not your mobile phone. The advantage with this is that you can see myWhānau entries in your desktop calendar too and well as in your mobile app.

It is important to note that Google updates the sync every 8 to 12 hours. 

We have made a step by step guide for you.


Step by Step instructions for Google

Associated entries – what are they and how do they work?

School Calendar Assistant & Family Calendar Assistant

At the bottom of some entries, you will see a link to associated entries. This links entries that are related to each other so you can toggle between them all quickly. For example, school camp will have camp dates, forms that need completing and gear lists all on separate entries.

myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Associated

What is the Links page?

School Calendar Assistant

This is where you can find links to your most commonly accessed school web pages such as payment page or absence notification. Go to Menu > Links.

Family Calendar Assistant Only

With the Family Calendar Assistant, you can request us to add any URL link, portal page or document that you frequently access. It could be URLs for activities or assessment handbooks. This area can become your go-to-place to easily access places or files you frequently need.

Links in situ

Who sees the entry and how do I know who an entry is assigned to?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

All parents / carers see all the entries. Your children only see their entries in their own synced automated calendar. If there is a photo or initial under the entry then this tells you it is in your child’s calendar too.

myWhanau_How it Works Thumnail_Assign

How do I add a paper note to my calendar?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

Just take a photo of the school note and email it to us. In your email heading let us know which family member the note is for (if it is not obvious) and we will sort it out for you by adding the correct notifications, assign the right family and add any reminders you may need...

Or if you’re out and about and you’re given an appointment date on a paper card, take a photo and flick it to us. Easy!

TIP : Add your myWhānau email address to contacts in your phone


Can I add birthday parties or bills to the calendar?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

Of course. We can diarise any life admin you want quickly and easily, like reservations, air travel, bills to pay and birthday parties. For Birthday parties we always add a reminder the week prior to buy? a birthday present.

While we try to ensure the auto-email forwarding we have is comprehensive, you will get ad hoc emails or documents that we don't get automatically. Just forward these to us and we will reminders weeks prior and link the document so you never lose it!

Do you diarise WhatsApp messages?

Family Calendar Assistant Only

For all your children's sporting fixtures and locations we get this information directly from the competition league itself and we track these for changes. We always diarise every game that is published in advance. However, if there is a change to training times communicated via WhatsApp, just take a screen grab and forward it to us.


Read answers below to frequently asked questions

1. How does email auto forwarding work?

For Family Calendar Assistant we need to auto forwarding specific emails from your inbox. You control which emails are sent by setting up rules to only send selected emails for your school and / or activity. We can set up exclusions to these rules, if required so we don’t receive the particular email. If we receive an email that we do not need to provide our service, it is deleted and the sender blocked if appropriate.


There is no email auto-forwarding for the School Calendar Assistant as this comes directly from the school.

2. How do I set up email auto forwarding and make changes to it?
Depending on your email account, there are some slightly different ways to set email auto forwarding up. Click here for instructions. However we organise the majority of these during the set up.

3. How much does it cost?

The School Calendar Assistant is a read only calendar available through participating schools. It is free and only has school events and tasks.

The Family Calendar has a monthly or annual subscription option depending on the number of children you have. Check out the pricing on the Family Calendar Assistant page.

4. How do you ensure the calendar is accurate?
As part of our Services, we have developed a quality assurance process which requires staff review of all entries made in the App. While we have put this process in place for your peace of mind, we cannot guarantee that all App entries will be 100% correct as it is dependent on us being provided with accurate and complete information. Letting us know promptly of any changes, particularly activity changes means your calendar will be accurate and update to date.

5. How many calendars do my family get?

For Family Calendar Assistant, each child has their own individual calendar and parents have visibility to all entries. Carers, grandparents can have access to the parent Family Calendar Assistant too if needed. For School Calendar assistant you will get one read only calendar that shows entries for years that your child/ren are in.

6. Does this work for children who go between 2 households and with multiple primary caregivers?

Yes, it actually works really well as all carers get access to the Parent calendar and you are not relying on one carer to do all the heavy lifting and entering in the events.

7. Can I put on hold the subscription over the holidays?
As we find that schools and activities still communicate during the holidays, and we also use this time to ensure your myWhānau calendar is updated with next term's events, we do not allow subscriptions to be put on hold over the holidays.

8. Can I add an event into the myWhānau calendar myself?

Not at this stage. For Family Calendar Assistant to request us to add an entry go to the account request in the settings tap in your app.

9. Do you track Saturday sport cancellations?

Unfortunately not yet. Our office hours are 8am – 8pm ESDT Monday – Friday.

If an answer to your question isn’t here, please get in touch

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