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Family Calendar Assistant

Get back time and feel less stressed with the new app that automatically sources information and creates entries in your myWhānau Family calendar.

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You are not alone

Trawling emails. Browsing portals. Searching Websites. Checking Apps. Only to read and read some more. Manually filtering what’s relevant and adding it to your calendar. Then trawling through emails again to find the missing detail.

It’s frustrating trying to stay in control and on top of your family’s schedules.

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There is a better way!

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Entries automatically sourced from portals, emails and websites

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant automates this tiresome process of reading, filtering and adding entries into your calendar. Your calendar is 100% personalised to you and your whole family. No matter the school, activity or how many children you have, we source and automatically add the right entries for your family.

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Editable calendar entries with all detail you need

You can edit entries at the touch of a button, from the date and time, to the location and description. But really you shouldn’t need to… as with every calendar entry, we make sure you have all the information you need.

Sports games with field locations linking to google maps. School camps with what to bring, when to turn up and what to do. myWhānau links the original communications, like emails and timestamps the entry, keeping you informed of any updates and cancellations as they occur.


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Customise the app to suit your family

With myWhānau the whole family is on the same page. Multiple parents, carers and whānau can access the parent calendar (great for multiple homes) and children can access their own synced automated calendar.

Select colours for each child and upload their photos so you know instantly who an entry is for and whether it is in their calendar.


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Assign entries and tasks

With one tap you can assign an entry to your children’s calendar or to another parent/ whānau. Say your partner is doing pick up from music lesson this week, or your child needs to complete a school form - assign it to them and their photo will appear under the entry.

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Push notifications, deadlines and reminders

To ensure you don’t miss an event or task, deadlines and reminders are automatically added to your calendar. Deadlines are added the day before the school or activity requires them, so you have time to action it if needed.

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Tick off completed tasks

Both Parents and Children have a summary to do task list synced to their calendar and can see a summary of tasks at the touch of a button. Task entries like “complete” and “register”, can be marked as done when actioned. What's even better, is that all deadlines and reminders will automatically be removed at the same time. Parents also have visibility as to whether their own or their child’s task is done or not.

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Associated entries

Some events like school camps have a number of associated tasks or activities that go with them. Everything from complete camp info form, to complete medical forms and check gear list, let alone the actual event on the day. And each with different timings and due deadlines! To make this easy to manage, myWhānau connects all these entries so they can be accessed with one tap.

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Sync your myWhānau Family Calendar to your phone calendar

To make diary management even easier, sync the myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant to your phone calendar so you can see work and home commitments side by side. With only one tap from an entry in either your Apple Phone calendar (iCal) or Android, you will open to the correct entry in you myWhānau Family calendar for all the details.

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How we build your customised calendar

At your 1 : 1 set up meeting we help you:

Autoforward Emails Icon

1. Auto forward Emails

Set up email auto forwarding for schools & activities only. You are in control of what is auto-forwarded and we can set up exclusions.

2. Permission

Grant us permission to access any third party platforms on your behalf
Filter entries icon

3. Filter Entries

We then filter and add the correct entries for your family
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4. Keep us Up-to-Date

We make changes based on your requests

What Others Say

Nikki Quail. Parent of 2

"I have been able to save 3 hours a week and rather than spending that time managing my kids calendars, I can actually spend that time with my kids"

Raymond Turner
CEO - Keysoft
Katrina Cowan. Parent of 3

"The favourite feature for me is the fact that I know myWhanau has my back, they are my backstop. myWhanau has given me back control of my life”


Raymond Turner
CEO - Keysoft
Pamela McPherson. Parent of 2

"Schools these days have developed too many communication channels, the value that myWhanau gives pulling all that information into one place is difficult to quantify”


Raymond Turner
CEO - Keysoft
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We Protect your privacy

Your family information is strictly confidential and we do not disclose your confidential information to any third party other than to provide the service. Our privacy policy is here  


Our data is encrypted in a local server that meets Australian Government’s highest data security certification. We use SSL encryption, two step verification and app password protection.


We have a quality assurance process which requires review of all entries made in the App. We promptly update entries when new information further or updated information is published by schools or activities.

No Lock in Contract

The subscription is a weekly fee enabling you to make any changes to your subscription at any time. To cancel just give us 5 days’ notice.

Pricing Plans

1 Child

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $10 joining fee

2-3 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $20 joining fee

4 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $30 joining fee

Be Organised. Feel Less Stressed. Get Back Time.

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