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I Love My Kids - Not Their Diaries

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is a groundbreaking service the automates family communications and calendar management.

Managing family schedules, school and extracurricular communications is an invisible, time-consuming chore

You are expected to stay on top of a constant stream of messages regarding events and activities relating to school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. There are also medical appointments, birthday parties and household to-dos to manage. 

Family Calendar management takes 2-3 hours a week

The sheer volume of information coming from numerous channels (emails, apps, websites, portals and more) can make it incredibly time-consuming and stressful to keep track of everything.

Managing family admin is a growing burden in our already busy lives, ands adds significantly to our mental load.

We make it easier & less stressful to stay on top of family admin

The myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant captures school, extracurricular and life admin communications regardless of how they’re sent and automatically creates calendar entries with all the information you need – including links to the original message and any updates.

There’s no need to read, filter and manually enter tasks and events into your phone or wall calendar or trawl through emails to find the original communication. 

Your family’s schedule and to-dos are visible and actionable from one secure app. You will have peace of mind knowing that all the information you and your family needs is captured seamlessly and accessible with a single tap. 

myWhānau empowers harmonious households where everyone shares responsibility for making family life happen.   

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“My husband is now fully on-board with the family program. Beyond helping me keep all the balls in the air, this app has been fundamental in levelling out the 'kin-keeping' that usually rests with the Mum of the house. My partner is fully across who goes where, does what etc. It has been liberating for me and him!" - Hanna Pelham 

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myWhānau automatically captures & diarises school communications

Families receive a constant stream of school communications from different sources, which increases exponentially if they have children at different schools.

myWhānau automatically diarises the school communications relevant to each family, giving parents confidence they have a complete view of any need-to-know events and need-to-do tasks. 

“I have kids at multiple schools, so I receive a crazy amount of information every day from lots of sources. With myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant, all school and activity info links into my calendar. It is so much easier.”  - Pam McPherson


myWhānau captures extracurricular & life admin communications too

Keeping track of swimming lessons, dance and music rehearsals and performances, and sports training and games at different times and locations each week isn’t easy. Then add kids' social calendars, medical appointments, holidays and household chores to the mix!

myWhānau captures and diarises all extracurricular activities as well as life admin, supporting families to stay on top of who needs to be where, when, and what they need to bring.

“I absolutely LOVE this app - it has changed my life! As a full-time working mum of two rambunctious boys, I need all the help I can get. Not only do I get help with managing the school stuff, but the app reminds me about their sporting activities too. I know which field I’m to be at, what time I’m to be there and a map which tells me how to get there.” - Michelle Long


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"Its more like a virtual personal assistant for my family's scheduling"

- Katrina Cowan

Hear directly from 3 Mums 

Have the detail at your fingertips

Each calendar entry contains all the information you need, including links to the original message and any updates. There’s no need to trawl through emails and app notifications to check what to do, where to be, or what to bring. 

100% of parents say they’re more in control with myWhānau.


Stay on track with diarised to-dos

myWhānau automatically diarises tasks like completing school permission slips, booking parent-teacher interviews, or completing car registration. A summary task view lets you see if you’re up to date and you can mark to-dos as complete once actioned.

100% of parents say they’re more organised with myWhānau


Get a daily summary and automatic deadlines and reminders

You receive end-of-day notifications summarising all new communications added and the following days' events and to-dos. Deadlines and reminder entries also are automatically added to your calendar. 

92% of parents report more peace of mind thanks to myWhānau.


Sync with Apple or Google calendar on your phone

View work and family commitments side by side, and open myWhānau entries directly from your phone calendar.

2 out of 3 parents say they're more productive at work with myWhānau.

360 degree sync

Empower older children to take responsibility

Children have their own synced automated calendars personalised to their events and to-dos, including assessments.


Entries are automatically assigned to the right family member(s)

There's no need to manually share events or tasks with your partner or children, but you have the flexibility to delegate, remove them from calendar entries, or delete entries with a quick tap if needed.

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Read what others say

"Before myWhānau, I was missing my kid's activities and once it was my daughter's parent teacher interview...I just didn't feel like a very good mum. myWhānau has given me back control of my life. I have been able to save about 2-3hours a week.  ”


Nikki Quail
Parent of 2

"Every evening at 7pm I am grateful I have this service. Before myWhānau I would get endless emails from the 2 different schools my kids attend. It was a nightmare keeping on top of permission forms, camp lists... where was that email with the address for the school carnival? Now my diary is automatically updated with activities my kids do and at 7pm I get alerts on actions, notices that apply to my kids. The stress of staying on top of all this has been completely removed. Highly recommend it.”


Natasha Barfield
Parent of 2

"The calendar keeps me up to date with my work life, home life and my three children’s school, co-curricular and sport lives. During covid19 this was just as important as life revolved around zoom and team meetings, online learning and assessments dates, and after school online sport. Without this service, life would be chaotic and important school and work items would be missed."


Nia Luxton
Parent of 3

"The favourite feature for me is the fact that I know myWhānau has my back, they are my backstop. There is just so much to think about when you’ve got two kids at two different schools. myWhānau puts it all in one place, so I can find everything at the touch of a button. myWhānau has given me back control of my life.”

Katrina Cowan
Parent of 3

“As a mother it really impacts your stress levels to stay on top of so much different information from multiple different schools. I love having all the information I need from schools and clubs in one place. It reduced the amount of time it takes to organise the family calendars and the fear of forgetting things too!”


Pam McPherson
Parent of 2

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We protect your privacy and security

With myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant, you control the information you want us to capture. We don't sell your information to third parties. The app is password-protected, data is secured locally in Australia, and we use two step verification and SSL encryption

For our privacy policy tap here 


Pricing plans 

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Get 10% off with an annual plan $432. Save $48

4 Children

Price per month. Or 3 coffees a week.

Get 10% off with an annual plan $540. Save $60.

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