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I Love My Kids - Not Their Diaries

From $4 per week - our trusted Family Calendar Assistant's organise your household diary


Get back time. Feel less stressed.

Information is Everywhere

If you have forgotten your child's event, just didn't see the permission slip that had to be filled in, or got frustrated in trying to find that school email that you need - you are not alone.

It's easy to miss events

My name is Michelle Forster and with working full time and 3 kids with different activities, I would drown in emails, app notifications, and accessing school portals.

It sometimes felt like that schools think that I am not busy and being PA to my family is my job!

There Is A Better Way

We have developed myWhānau Family Calendar to eliminate the time consuming and frustrating job of gathering all your family events.

Get back time.

Feel less stressed.

Be organised and in control.



A Real Family Assistant For 100% Peace Of Mind

myWhānau is not just a calendar, it is a real person. Your Family Calendar Assistant sources and enters children's events into your myWhānau calendar in an easy to read and comprehensive format.

It doesn't matter if the school or activity uses paper notes, email, portals or apps - we reliably source it all.

Every Family Event In One Place

Your myWhānau calendar can be synced to both parents/carers' phone online calendar so everyone can see commitments in one place. We also send you your next week's printable weekly schedule every Friday to place on the fridge or the wall.

For complete forward visibility, your Family Calendar Assistant even enters, into your myWhānau calendar, published events for the full calendar year!

Gain More Control With The Detail You Need

Your Family Calendar Assistant sweats the detail so you don't have to. Let's say your child is heading to school camp. Your Family assistant will record 4 separate calendar entries:

1. The day the information is published with the detail, links to any forms to fill in;

2. A reminder on the day of the deadline for when the forms are due;

3. The week before camp, an entry with the list of clothing to take;

4. The actual day of the camp with any instructions for the day.

We Protect Your Privacy

Your family information is strictly confidential and we sign a confidentiality contract with you when you engage our service. 

No Lock in Contract

You have control with no lock in contract - you can cancel any time by giving 5 business days notice.


Hear from others how the subscription Family Calendar Assistant helps!

To Join Is Quick And Easy

"Being onboarded to myWhānau was very straightforward and the sense of relief that washed over me as I saw my calendar fill with the kids' updates, reminders and even a few surprises was immense. I feel like I am back in control of my home life."



Nikki - myWhānau customer

I'm Now on Top of Things

"I am finally on top of what is happening in my household. I just check my schedule on a Sunday night so I know what is going on for the upcoming week. It has transformed my life!!"




Katrina - myWhānau customer


1 child

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $10 Joining Fee

2-3 children

Price per week (incl. GST)

$20 Joining Fee

4 children

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $30 Joining Fee

Your Time Is Worth It

"I am in awe of what you do every single day, of your dedication in doing right by everyone. I know it's exhausting and that you have made choices - sacrificing time for yourself to recharge, quality time with your family or your career. I would love to help you get back time and reduce stress".

Michelle Forster

Get Back Time Today!

Michelle Forster, CEO of myWhānau