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Love My Kids - Not Their Diaries

Our trusted Family Calendar Assistants organise your family diaries - reducing stress and giving you back time.


Frustrated managing your family's schedules?

tick Seems like I am spending forever checking apps, portals, emails to make sure I feel on top of it.

tickThere is so much to check it is easy for things to slip through the cracks and I missed parent teachers this year.

tick I never have time so I add a quick note but then later have to trawl through emails to find the detail.

tick It is a huge waste of my time working out what is relevant for my family and what is not.

tick I have 3 kids at 3 schools, each with 3 activities, I often feel out of control and in constant catch up mode.

tick I forgot it was PE day today and the PE shirt was wet. It was really stressful sorting it out at the last minute.

There is a better way

Imagine being able to see all your families events and commitments with a just a single tap!

So whether both of you are working full time, your kids have multiple activities or are special needs, we can have your back.

Your time is important, you deserve better.


myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant

See all the detail you need, in one place.
  • We source all school, activity events and tasks
  • Enter them into your very own calendar, synced to your phone
  • We add detail like links to original emails and documents
  • And deadlines and reminders
  • Each child gets their own calendar too!

Get time back. Feel less stressed. Gain Control.

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"It's like having my own virtual personal assistant"

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is not just a calendar app or school app, we do so much more.  We track and enter all your children's events, activities and any tasks for you into your own calendar - giving you complete visibility for your whole family.

Whānau means extended family in Māori.

See All The Detail You Need In One place With One Tap

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Sport activity block-1
Example of entries - assessment block-3

Hear What Parents Say

10/10 parents say they feel less stressed, have more time for themselves,  their family and have more peace of mind.

We Protect Your Privacy

Your family information is kept strictly confidential and we sign a confidentiality contract with you when you engage our service.

No Lock-In Contract

You can cancel any time by giving just five business days notice.

Getting started - It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

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3  Use your Calendar 

Pricing Plans

1 Child

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $10 joining fee

2-3 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $20 joining fee

4 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)

+ $30 joining fee

Get Back Time. Be Organised. Feel Less Stressed

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