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Why does myWhānau exist?

My name is Michelle Forster and I founded Whānau Group in 2018 after living and breathing the challenges of lack of time with managing three children and a corporate career. I have missed events, had a child turn up to school in the wrong gear, forgotten to hand in the permission slip - and yes, I got cranky.

myWhānau - that's an interesting name!

myWhānau takes inspiration from the unique Māori concept of Whānau, pronounced "far-no". Its closest translation in English is extended family. But it is more than this. It is wonderfully inclusive and dynamic - like today's families. At its heart, it is about a bond between whānau members united behind shared responsibilities, values or purpose.

MF_3_lowresWe can help you and your Whānau

At myWhānau, we are in awe of what you do every single day, of your dedication in doing right by everyone. We know it's exhausting and that you have made choices - sacrificing time for yourself to recharge, quality time with your family, or your career. Lack of time is one of the biggest detractors from wellbeing.

We believe that the responsibility of the majority of household chores shouldn't fall on the shoulders of just one person. We can help by taking off some of the pressure, and by enabling your family to help more too.

Our family assistants and I look forward to empowering you and your household - so we can help you get back time.

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