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I Love My Kids - Not Their Diaries

Our trusted Family Calendar Assistants organise your household diary - reducing stress and giving you back time.


Do Any of These Sound Familiar?

We understand your frustration in trying to get the family organised. 

Information is everywhere

“I have 3 children at 2 different schools, who each have 2 different activities. The information is in so many places that it frustratingly feels like I am spending forever checking school bags, apps, portals and emails to make sure I get the right information and am on top of it and in control."

It takes time and effort

“I use a phone diary so I can make a note of the events.  But I am always short of time, hence I never enter enough detail. Then later I annoyingly have to trawl through a million emails to find the correct email with the right details."

It's easy to miss events

“Today, we almost forgot my youngest child had an event on at school – it became a morning of sheer chaos in trying to gather all that was needed.

Driving to work, I had to take deep breaths to calm down."

Be Organised With Your Own
myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant 

myWhānau Is Not Just A Calendar App 
- We Are Your Families Virtual Personal Assistant

Your Family Calendar Assistant does all the heavy lifting in managing your family
household calendar. They track and enter all your children's events, activities
and any tasks for you into your myWhānau online calendar - giving you complete
visibility and control for your whole family.



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We Collect And Enter Events

Your family assistant gathers events or actions from email, portals, paper or apps and enters it into your online calendar for you. We add the right level of detail - which child, when, location, things to bring, what to wear, deadlines or actions required. 

See Everything In One Place

Your time and time management is precious, so all entries are easy to read. Your myWhānau calendar is synced to your phone calendar, helping you see all your work and home commitments in one place.

Set-up is Quick and Simple

We know that dealing with technology for the first time can be daunting so we arrange a one-on-one set up meeting with you to get it all done and dusted without stress.

For complete peace of mind, there are no lock-in contracts.  Just give us 5 business days notice to cancel your subscription.


We Protect Your Privacy

We take your family's privacy very seriously. We sign a confidentiality contract with you, and our calendars have 2 step verification. Data is secured in an encrypted facility with high grade firewall and strictly controlled physical access.


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What our Families are Saying

No more searching for old emails
“No more searching for old emails or wondering where I saw information. myWhānau has it all recorded and available from my diary. That has saved me significant time, and reduced those stressful last-minute preparations for appointments.”
Parent of 2
Now on top of things

"I am finally on top of what is happening in my household.  I just check my schedule on a Sunday night so I know what is going on for the upcoming week. 

This has transformed my life!!"


Parent of 2, works at Westpac
I'm back in control
Being onboarded was very straightforward and the sense of relief that washed over me as I saw my calendar fill with the kids' updates, reminders and even a few surprises was immense. Knowing that Michelle and her team had my back and that I wasn't the only one having to manage all this even brought a few tears. 
Parent of 2 and Researcher

Pricing Plans

1 Child

Price per week (incl. GST)
+ $10 joining fee

2-3 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)
+ $20 joining fee

4 Children

Price per week (incl. GST)
+ $30 joining fee

What you get with all plans.

  • One-on-one set up call
  • An up to date Individual Calendar for each child
  • One up to date Parent Calendar for all parents/carers
  • Visibility to all published events for the calendar year
  • Synced to your phone
  • Reminders for events
  • Privacy & Security for peace of mind

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