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A Groundbreaking App That Automates Calendar Management For Parents And Schools 

myWhānau makes it easy for parents to reduce the mental load of staying on top of school and family admin and for schools to reduce their admin workload.

For Busy Schools

Our Free School Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary calendar-based school app. It aggregates parent tasks and events and creates personalised calendar entries with all the details parents need. With information captured seamlessly and accessible at a tap, missed permission slips, payments and no-shows at school events are a thing of the past.

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For Busy Parents

Our Family Calendar Assistant automatically captures school, extracurricular and life admin events and to-dos on a single calendar app, making it easier and less stressful for busy parents to keep track of everything. Calendar entries include all the information parents need – including links to the original message and any updates.

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The invisible chore of managing family admin & school communications

January 18, 2022
I wanted to share this article with you. With 3 kids within 3 years, I can relate whole heartly to Samantha Selinger-Morris words in the SMH -...
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Parenting failure? You are not alone

November 14, 2021
At myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant, we perfectly understand how tricky it is to juggle work and the family schedule; and all the frustration and...
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PCSchool & myWhānau partner to make family calendar management simple

October 7, 2021
PCSchool, the leading school management platform, now partners with myWhānau, a School Calendar Assistant that improves communication and streamlines...
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