A Groundbreaking Service That Automates The Family Calendar 

myWhānau makes it easy for parents to reduce the mental load of staying on top of school & family admin, for schools to reduce their admin workload & for companies to reduce their gender pay gap.

For Busy Schools

Our School Calendar Assistant is a revolutionary automated school calendar organiser. Our service captures parent tasks and school events and automatically creates personalised entries into a calendar app - with all the details parents need. With information captured seamlessly and accessible at a tap, missed permission slips, payments and no-shows at school events are a thing of the past.

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For Busy Parents

Our Family Calendar Assistant automatically captures school, extracurricular and life admin events and to-dos on a single calendar app, making it easier and less stressful for busy parents to keep track of everything. Calendar entries include all the information parents need – including links to the original message and any updates.

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For Companies

myWhānau Family Calendar Assistant is a tangible way for companies to reduce their gender pay gap. It automates family admin and scheduling - an invisible and unpaid task that prevents women from being hired, promoted, and progressing into senior management positions.

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